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Sep 26, 2019

A recent Federal Circuit case held that the figures in your design patent don't tell the whole story of what the scope of your protection is. The WORDS in a design application also matter.  This is important when you are deciding how to title your design patent application.  

Sep 19, 2019

If you file a patent application in a foreign country without permission from the government, you possibly could be fined $10,000 and go to prison for two years.  Learn how to avoid getting yourself in this situation by listening to this episode. 

Sep 12, 2019

The patent application process includes an enormous amount of deadlines that you have to keep in mind.  In this episode I go over the main deadlines and what you can do if you ever miss one.

Sep 4, 2019

Learn how to use statistical history at the Patent Office to your advantage so that your patent application will have a higher chance of allowance.  Learn how to write your application in a way so that it will end up in a high allowance art group, and then understand the statistical history of your particular...